FPP Advanced Features Key 48 Outputs


FPP Advanced Features Key for 48 pixel string outputs

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FPP Advanced Features Key for 48 pixel string outputs – This key enables advanced functionality in FPP for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone pixel string capes which either do not contain an EEPROM or do not contain a signed EEPROM.

NOTE: All KulpLights capes by Dan Kulp contain signed EEPROMs. Capes which contain a signed EEPROM DO NOT need this advanced features key.

The BBB48String and DPIPixels Channel Outputs in FPP operate with limited functionality when running on a cape which does not have a signed EEPROM. To remove this limiation, a license key must be applied.

This key unlocks the following features on the licensed number of Channel Outputs:

– Enables more than 50 pixels per string output.
– Enables use of smart receivers for differential outputs.
– Enables use of channel bank code on DPIPixels output allowing more than 24 strings to be directly connected but processed in banks.

License keys are stacked on an EEPROM based on their $$ value, not the number of outputs they cover. Stacking two 2-output $5 keys is the same as adding a single 8-output $10 key. If you stack a $5 key with a $10 key it will enable 16 outputs (the same as a 16-output $15 key) and stacking another 16-output $15 key would cover 48 outputs total on that cape since it would be the same as purchasing a 48-output $30 license key.