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Key Announcement

UPDATE July 22, 2022

There has been sone confusion regarding Multi-String WS281x Pi capes and whether they are eligible for a voucher. At the time of this original announcement, there were no Multi-String Pi capes for sale, so the announcement did not reference those as being eligible for the free grandfathered-in vouchers. Multi-String WS281x Pi capes purchased through July 31, 2022 ARE eligible for a free grandfathered-in key voucher.  2-string capes are no eligible since they are not losing any functionality and will continue to function 100% in FPP v6 as they did in FPP v5.x and prior.

May 19, 2022

Some of you may be aware of a FaceBook post from early April regarding possible changes in the future of FPP.  The FPP development team has been working over the past month to get ourselves to a place where we could put clarity behind that post and announce details.  Wherever you see the word “Cape” below, you can substitute “Hat” if referring to a Raspberry Pi which calls expansion boards Hat.  We use Cape as a generic term.

What is changing?

The upcoming release of FPP v6 will include a change to the existing BeagleBone/PocketBeagle Channel Output code used to control up to 48 strings of WS281X pixels directly attached to a Beagle.  FPP v6 will also add new Raspberry Pi Channel Output code for driving up to 24 strings of WS281X pixels directly attached to a Pi.  Starting with FPP v6, depending on where you purchase a Cape from, you may need to purchase a license key to activate the full functionality of these two FPP Channel Outputs when driving the pixel outputs on that Cape. There will be 4 tiers of keys based on the number of ports covered. As port counts get higher, the price per port drops significantly.

  • Capes created by the FPP developers including Kulp Lights LLC and the upcoming Raspberry Pi Capes from PixelController LLC are sold fully licensed and will not need a license key applied to the cape.
  • Capes manufactured by 3rd party vendors must have a license key applied to support more than 50 pixels per output and to enable Smart Receiver functionality.  3rd party BeagleBone/PocketBeagle capes which were previously purchased or purchased during the FPP v6 transition period will be granted a free license key voucher to allow those capes to continue to operate with full functionality.  This transition period will extend through July 31, 2022.  3rd party BeagleBone/PocketBeagle capes purchased after this transition period will require the purchase of a license key.
  • DIY capes assembled by a user for their own use will be eligible for a free license key voucher.

Why is this changing?

FPP development is currently supported through a combination of donations and sales of FPP-compatible pixel capes including Kulp capes and the PiCap from  The recent proliferation of Capes from 3rd party manufacturers/vendors who do not financially support the FPP team, threatens the future of the FPP project.  The development team wants to continue to be able to support the future development of FPP and keep it and other Channel Outputs fully Open Source and Free and the team uses the sales of FPP-compatible pixel “Controller” capes to help further this development.

All other FPP Channel Outputs are NOT affected by this announcement and will continue to function as-is in FPP v6.  This list of Outputs which are NOT affected includes but is not limited to the RPIWS281X output used to drive 2 strings of WS281X pixels on the Raspberry Pi, the LED Panels outputs including directly attached as well as the ColorLight/Linsn outputs, WS2801 outputs and spixels, DMX, E1.31, DDP, GPIO, Pixelnet, Renard, etc..

What do I need to do?

  • If you currently own a Kulp cape, you do not need to do anything.
  • If you own a 3rd party manufactured cape based on a BeagleBone or PocketBeagle, you will need to email some form of proof of purchase to and we will send you a voucher for a free license key.  The purchase must have been made on or prior to July 31, 2022 in order to receive a voucher.  Voucher requests may be sent in starting on May 27, 2022You will have until the end of 2022 to actually request a voucher.  For more details, see the FAQ at the URL below.
  • If you own a DIY cape which you assembled yourself, write your email address on a piece of paper and take a picture of the cape and paper and email it to and we will send you a voucher for a free license key.  Voucher requests may be sent in starting on May 27, 2022.
  • If you currently own a PiCap from or other 2-string PiHat, you do not need to do anything to retain existing functionality.  If you choose to switch to the new DPIPixels Channel Output to allow re-enabling the onboard audio, you will then need a 2-output license key.  The free voucher offer for previously purchased 3rd party capes does not apply to these capes since they are not affected and will continue to operate with existing functionality.

Where can I get more information?

Full details on these changes, pricing and FAQ (frequently asked questions) can be found at 

Falcon Player Development Team